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First Patek Philippe Complications Replica Chronograph Limited Edition launched

Patek Philippe Complications Replica

The 18CHRO calibre from 1913 inside the first Patek Philippe Complications Replica Watch Limited Edition.

The 18CHRO movement as it appeared when it was removed from the vault of the Patek Philippe Complications Replica Museum.

In the hands of the watchmakers at Patek Philippe Complications Replica's Tourbillon Workshop, these movements have undergone a thorough renewal process that has met the unique Oris replica watches needs of each movement for 105 years, thus restoring their integrity in terms of timekeeping. The following are some of the measures taken in this regard. The wheels were evaluated and reconditioned,Patek Philippe Complications fake the jewels were replaced with new 21st century jewels, their setting holes were adjusted and reconditioned, and so on.

The 18CHRO calibre of 1913 was dismantled by the watchmakers of the Patek Philippe Complications Replica Tourbillon workshops in order to give it a new lease of life.

A great deal of attention was also paid to properly decorating the 18 franck muller replica watches 18CHRO movements and transforming them into the trophies they were meant to represent. Finally, Patek Philippe Complications Replica has even tested these movements to ensure that they keep accurate time for over a century.

Each limited edition first generation Patek Philippe Complications Replica watch will be presented in a handmade leather case, which includes two additional leather straps, as well as the corresponding strap changing tool, a magnifying glass and a travel pouch. The price at the time of publication was CHF 120,000.

A special watch deserves a special presentation box